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Deep, Dark, and Rich: Night Lights. A Poem.

Washed in purple-black and royal blue,

Twilight shades our yard as evening turns to night.

A free light show for my daily pleasure throughout life

in the total – surround sky – theater of our quiet home zone.

Star colors bright and vivid, orange to blue and gem like sparkle

Studded those celestial realms with twinkling and constellar spectacle.

Meteor showers made the sight of awe as to silence small and ordinary talk,

Trails of white, blue, green and exploding orange blazed above the

grassy lawns, streets, and silent buildings

as I soaked of the solitude in the serene setting

of our safe haven.


The evening was pristinely clear, quiet and subdued –

Mother and I went outside to look at the velvety night sky,

and soon turned to go inside for the night; but when I turned and looked up

Over the southwestern point of our roof appeared a glowing, fiery -rusty yer vivid orange

meteor of such size that I could see it break up, explode it seemed,

twice and into at least four pieces. Flames appeared to stream from it as its

violent break-up continued.

But there was never a sound, and I was in awe, having only heard of such

events until that moment.

Mom did not see it… I saw something special and stood in silence…

The silence of an evening in the company of nature and the cosmos. -D-

With thanks to Mom and Dad for providing me that safe and natural area to watch the stars and enjoy times of dreaming and contemplation. – DLL –

Divi Logan, Chicago


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